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Free shuttle transportation for low income women and girls to encourage a more social involvement

Although many low income women and girls live in urban areas, it does not mean they can easily commute to different parts of the city. They are often living on the outer edge of urban communities where travelling to central areas will require multiple transfers but housing is less prohibiting. With limited budget and time for transportation, they often choose to not frequent beyond their neighborhood. The free shuttle transporation between low income neighborhoods and central areas will encourage more social involvement through opening up opportunities to more jobs and education.

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For example, in the Hong Kong low income neighborhood of Tin Shui Wai, the average workers living here make 6000 HKD a month.  But each person's commute to the central area would cost about 60 HKD a day.  That would be 1800 HKD a month (if the person works 25 days a month) - close to a third of the person's income.  To save on expenses, some people find less convenient methods of transportation, involving multiple transfers, just to cut down on their transportation expense.  Many people from low income neighborhoods like Tin Shui Wai choose not to commute far.  This limits their school choices, job opportunities, and social involvement.

In a society where women still earns less than men, offering a safe and free female-only shuttle transportation from low income neighborhoods to city centers will open up opportunities for women and girls.

Here is the link to an article from CUHK (in Chinese) that illustrates the situation in Tin Shui Wai:

While the statistics and expense level may not be outdated, the situation is applicable to other low income neighborhoods around the world.  A free female only shuttle will give more opportunities to those that shy away from it due to the expenses involved.

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