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Five Countries Where Women Have No Rights

Women with No Rights

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Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia are the last five countries in the world where a woman would want to live. A study by Thomson Reuters Foundation shows that in these countries women are subjected to extreme abuse and practically have no rights.

Afghanistan is at the top of the list, while India is in fourth place, despite it’s economic, social and cultural progress registered in recent years.
Afghanistan is known as the State where women have no rights. One in 11 women is sentenced to death at birth, while 87% of the female population of the country is illiterate. In Afghanistan women are beaten like animals and killed for no reason and 80% of girls don’t even have the right to fall in love because they are forced to marry someone usually twice their age.

Congo has been included on the list because of the high levels of sexual violence. Here, women’s rape has become a “debt”. Each year about 400,000 women are sexually abused and the perpetrators are never punished.

Annually in Pakistan more than 1,000 women are killed “in the name of honor”. As in Afghanistan, women are assaulted, raped and they have no one to address, because no one defends their rights. Moreover, women have no medical rights and many of them give birth at home, unassisted.

In India and Somalia women are victims of incredible abuse , have no equal rights with men when it comes to medical care and when beaten in the street, rarely someone comes to save them.

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Great contribution! Lack of respect for women is definitely one of the underlying issues that need to be addressed if we want to help solve this issue.

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