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Experiences discussed within a group

As a group in an innovation class we discussed different situations in which we felt unsafe. We also attempted to point out the key things that actually do make us feel safe. Coming from different countries, we were able to discuss many different scenarios. Now that we all live in an urban environment, we could come up with many shared experiences where we felt uncomfortable.

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The results of our discussion were mixed. Women and men both shared different experiences. Being a female, I shared my experiences of feeling uncomfortable late at night or when alone. It is hard to fix these problems directly but we tried to discuss ways in which more lights could be added or making certain areas less desolate. Many people feel more comfortable when there are other people around. There is some sort of security of having 30 other people with you on a train car. You think that someone couldn't do something to you because of all of the people around you. The males of the group discussed how they felt uncomofrtable in "sketchy" areas. These areas were well known for being crime filled and just being there would make some feel uncomfortable. Overall, we were most uncomfortable in an urban area at nighttime when alone. 

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