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Everything started like a beautiful love story... but love is blind and they could never imagine how will turn the situation.

This movie is a documentary-Video. Talk about three woman and their own story who shared with the director of the movie Coralie Girard (@coraliegirard4) "I would like to thanks sincerely the three women who accepted to share with me their personal story." by C.Girard This Documentary is based in Slovenia, but we would like underline that this is not a slovenian problem but a global problem, so first thanks open ideo and all our community that give us(all of community) the chance to speak freedom about this huge and difficult problem. Before uploading the video, I ask to Coralie if she was ok with that. ( share in Open Ideo) :"yes, of course". LIke many of us, I was surprised and I had other emot

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Thanks for sharing, Enrico. Given we have folks here from different cultures and ages, we thought it could be good for you to add a note to your summary section, like: "Please note that this video contains nudity" – so that others can make an informed decision about watching it. (Tip: to activate links in your post, hit the Update Entry button up there on the right, then follow the instructions here: Looking forward to seeing more of you on conversations across this challenge...

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Meena, I am so sorry, I just forgot about nudity. I M NOT Jocking. I didn't think about the images inside the video, I was concentrate about the message of the video. I am very sorry.

I wont forget ever again about nudity, and advice.

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No need to apologise, Enrico. The video you've shared, like all posts on this challenge, has the potential to enrich our conversations. Thanks for understanding and making the adjustment to your post. Great to have you onboard for this challenge.

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