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Empowerment Through Fitness

Fitness programs can help women feel physically strong, self-confident, emotionally empowered, and create strong community ties.

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There could be various benefits from establishing fitness programs in low-income and urban areas:
  1. Most people feel more confident when they feel physically strong. As the founder of Girls With Sole explains, fitness programs "empower the minds, bodies and souls." 
  2. Team sports and fitness classes create important values of trust, confidence, and a sense of community. 
  3. Implementing these programs could help introduce women to fellow members of their community in a safe space. Later, outside of the program, these women can recognize each other on the streets and feel confident in both themselves and their nieghbors.
  4. This type of empowerment can also start at any age - classes and programs could be aimed towards adults, children, or families.

There are many successful programs like this already in existance that we could look at and build upon, such as:

Girls With Sole
Fast and Female
Girls on the Run
Magic Bus

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Get Girls Running!!


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Interesting thoughts, Julia – and we thought you and others here might enjoy checking out an initiative which is running on the ground in our challenge focus area of low-income areas of India:

And here's a tip: to activate links in your post, hit the Update Entry button up there on the right, then follow the instructions here:  

Looking forward to seeing more of you on OpenIDEO...

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Thanks for the feedback and the formatting tip, Meena! It was interesting to read about Magic Bus, and great to know that this idea of tying fitness/sports with empowerment is popular! I know that many of these kinds of organizations already exist, and strongly believe that the idea could be successfully used in this women's safety challenge.