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Empowering Men

I have really enjoyed reading the posts from other contributors. I especially enjoyed the research around getting men involved, gender stereotypes and getting people to talk so I would like to build upon these ideas.

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Research: I've been reading the articles listed below that suggested a possible link between men feeling out of control or powerless and violent crime. Gender stereotypes seem to contribute to these feelings. It appears that gender stereotypes place a tremendous burden on males to provide, hold in their emotions while caring for themselves and those they love. When men do express their feelings they are at times ignored, discouraged or marginalized.

Success Story: I work for a Church in Oakland. The Church has a successful men’s only group where men are encouraged to honestly express their feelings, share their struggles and support each other.

How Can We Empower Men: Maybe we can empower men by providing education focused on changing gender stereotypes, increasing support for families, providing a platform for men to support eachother and express their feelings in healthy ways.

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I definitely feel that men should be educated and help assist with the epidemic of women safety. For example, we should not teach the concept of "don't get rape" and instead of the concept of "Don't rape".

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Hi Camille,

Thank you for your response. I agree with you that we need to address this issue from multiple angles.

Additionally, I really liked your contributions with the safety app and wristband. I see how that could be a helpful tool for keeping women safe. Also, I have a nephew who is autistic so I am happy to see that it is also being utilized by parents with autistic children.

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