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Double Standard in Health Coverage

Birth control coverage could be refused based on the grounds of religious freedom in the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, whereas penis pumps are federally funded with no objection.

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It is important to understand the fundamental double standard that women face in their daily lives, in issues as basic as health care.  

This humorous video from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart highlights the fact that while women are called 'sluts' for demanding birth control coverage in their health care plans, men have unquestioned access to penis pumps covered by their insurance.

During the research phase, I think it is important to try to get a firm grasp on how women are discriminated against and why.  This is an example from the United States, but injustice like this takes place nationwide, and makes women feel uncomfortable just  being women.

Women in low-income environments  need access to insurance-covered birth control for their own health and well-being.  However, they are being denied access based on the misinformed judgments of all white, all male, all wealthy Congressmen.

I couldn't get the video to embed properly, so here's a link:


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I agree that health insurance is a great place to start. Why should the tax payers pay for a person who is in the country illegally when they break their arm but not a pregnant working class citizen. Not necessarily advocating for, but this is where I think Obamacare is actually a positive step forward, for situations such as these. There needs to be some other types of programs put in place though for this.

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With the Affordable Health Care Act, birth control and STI tests have $0 copays. This has made it more affordable for women and they have more opportunity to protect themselves. In addition, this puts organizations such as Planned Parenthood is a more advantageous position. I agree with you Mitch, the Affordable Health Care Act has been a positive step forward for women.