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Dharavi Diary - A Slum Innovation Project

After observing, capturing the stories of the problems of the community living near the pipeline of Dharavi, when their recycle workshops and homes were broken down, we shared their story and raised awareness. But the community was not gaining anything directly. We shared the story with them and started to brainstorm how we can take this awareness into action. That gave genesis to Dharavi Diary - A Slum Innovation Project. We are upcycling the skills of the women and girls which will lead to strengthening the safety and economic empowerment of the community.

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Dharavi Diary follows the following steps: Observe, Capture, Engage, Create & Change


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Dear Nawneet,

we really like your work at Dharavi and would like to ask you for some feedback.
We are a group of students at New York University and we developed an idea
We would love to have your feedback on its usefulness and feasibility. We were also wondering if there would be ways to prototype it. Looking forward to hearing from you. ,Hi Nawneet,

we really like your post and the work you're doing in Dharavi.
We are a group of students at New York University and we developed an idea

We would love to have your feedback on it and also see if you think there would be a way to prototype it (or part of it) in Dharavi.


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Hi Design tinkering,
Bindis community concierges is a great idea...

We are running a program called Suchna (information) se Surrakha ( Safety) theough our Mahila Mandal (Women group).

We would love to collaborate it,
We are addressing different problems through our initiative -

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Hi Nawneet,

we briefly discussed as a team and we have a few questions and ideas for you.

We think that the Suchna Surrakha program seems very relevant to our idea.
We have quite a few questions for you in order to better understand the program and see how we could collaborate.

Could we tell us more about how the Women Group is organized and how do the women collect and share the information?
What kind of information are they sharing?
About safety in the community?
About possibilities - for education? business?
Are they women who have specific roles in gathering and sharing the information?
How do the other women learn about these women who have the information?

Based on our idea, we feel that some of the women in the Mahila Mandal could become bindis. Any thoughts on this?

Moreover, we wonder if it would make sense to have also some "bindis" who could also be connectors between Dharavi and other communities. Do you think this would be a good idea?


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Hi Nawneet,

I'm following up on the comment the Design Tinkering club posted (I'm working with them). It would be really nice if you had time to give us some more specific feedback. Maybe you can even think of a way of testing this idea with the Women group you are working with.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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