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Danger lurks close

While it is important to address the safety of women in public spaces, many incidents of abuse and assault actually take place in environments that are assumed to be safe - homes, schools etc, and are perpetuated by people who are known to the victim. Creating truly safe homes and schools is essential to building a society where women are protected and empowered.

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According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network), 2/3 of rapes were committed by someone known to the victim, 73% of sexual assaults were perpetuated by non-strangers.  Many statistics show that most attacks on women were committed by people they know - family, friends and acquaintances.  Therefore, it is worthwhile to pay attention not only to creating a safe and empowering external environment for women, but also how to protect women from people in their inner circle. We are especially vulnerable to people we know and trust, but it is also true that the same people have the most opportunity to hurt us. This is especially true for younger women / children who have no real means of protecting themselves.  I can only imagine if this is a problem in developed countries, it must be many times worse in developing countries.  Protecting women in "trusted environments" - homes, schools etc... should be one of the key objectives of this initiative.  

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This is an important post, Eugene. The statistics you provided help to demonstrate, as others in this forum have already mentioned, that the issue of women's safety stems from much larger societal issues. Violence happens not just in dark alleys or poor neighborhoods, but in the places and by the people we consider to be 'safe.'