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Correlation of Perceived Safety to Physical Activity

Girls and young women who have a more positive perception of the safety of their environment are more likely to engage in physical activity and lead healthier, more active lives.

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It is vital to create a sense of community and safety in low income environments to encourage healthy and active young women and girls, who will carry those habits through their entire lives.

Access to fresh produce and healthy groceries is limited in urban environments and thus it is important for girls to feel comfortable and safe near their homes and schools to get the physical activity that is essential at that stage in their lives.  

Growing girls need physical activity in order to stay healthy, and links have been found between feeling unsafe at school or at home and obesity.  Enabling girls to feel safe outside of their homes will, in turn, enable them to lead active and healthy lifestyles which they will continue throughout their lives. 

Here is a study on the correlation between a negative perception of the safety of an environment and levels of physical activity in that area:


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I wrote a reflection to this challenge which talks about the importance of community as well. It is vital that there is a sense of community built for health and safety reasons. These need to be programs put on and hosted by every local community not only for girls and women, but for boys and men as well. The large and collective sense of community does truly lead to a sense and feeling of safety and protection.

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