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Community Center Provides Hope

I found an article about the success of a community center in Massachusetts, where I am from. The center is in a higher-crime urban area, but provided a place for people to congregate and meet other people. If women have a safe place to go, they may be able to make connections with other people who have the same concerns and provide a place that is safe and opening in an area not known for that.

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The idea of a communty center seems to be a great idea for people to come together and  be able to bring ideas together. Sort of like Opeideo is an online community center, putting a community center in an urban area may allow the same things to happen in those areas as it does here. 

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Great inspiration, Jimmy. You reminded me that I've also seen examples of communities leveraging limited existing infrastructure, like schools, to come together for the kinds of stuff you're highlighting here. Check out this story from Dharavi in Mumbai: – certainly some great conversations triggered there. Looking forward to seeing more of you on this challenge...