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Change our Culture: Stop Victim Blaming

The solution to ending gender-based violence should not be centered around more victims reporting their assaults or changing their behaviors. The focus should be changing our societal culture that promotes sexual violence and condones such behaviors. It's time we placed the responsibility where it belongs.

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"The common advice we hear about “how not to get raped” – stay sober, use a buddy system – isn’t just ineffective. It also preserves the power structures that perpetuate violence.

Conversations about rape often ease assailants’ culpability by fixating on strategies survivors supposedly should have used to avoid assault. These tactics are detached from the reality of sexual violence. Most survivors – women, men and gender-nonconforming people – know their assailant, and drunken people do not stumble into getting raped; rapists use alcohol as a weapon.

Such victim blaming persists for the same reason rape persists: historically entrenched power imbalances along lines like gender, race and class allow rape to be tolerated, evenencouraged, when perpetrated by members of dominant groups."

Look on the right side of the page for a few "This Built Upon" inspirations that present potential solutions for changing our culture around victim blaming. 

Source: Blame Rape’s Enablers, Not the Victims

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. The current attitude towards rape that is most popular is that it was the fault of the victim for dressing a certain way or carrying herself in a way that was "asking for it." We are teaching women how to avoid being raped rather than teaching men how to refrain from raping and assaulting women. Teaching women to avoid dark places or certain clothing choices will not solve the problem. A more stable solution that has longevity would be to change the environment, both physical and social, that is found in these urban areas. Physically we should put up more lights, have clearer signage, etc. what physically make places safer for women. Socially we need to teach our youth from a young age that victim blaming is never right, and that no woman is ever "asking for it."

Thanks for sharing this point of view!