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Cabs for Women By Women: India

All-women taxi company Sakha has the goal of providing livelihoods and dignity to women in Delhi.

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Sakha offers taxi services for women & their families in Delhi. Their taxi drivers are from marginalised, low income neighbourhoods and their training is done by a partnering NGO – which includes communications and grooming + an understanding of women's rights – particularly protection from violence. They are also taught self defence by the local police. Sakha's goal is to provide livelihoods and dignity to women in Delhi.

Passenger testimonial: "I used a Sakha car and driver on my recent trip to Delhi and it was a wonderful experience at lots of levels. I needed someone who was punctual, knew where they were going and could cope with changed plans – my Sakha driver did all this and more. At every traffic light people looked at the car with its “Cabs By Women For Women” sticker, and turned to their companions to discuss it. That’s exactly the kind of conversation you want to stimulate amongst men & women, rich and poor." – Mary Healy Human Dignity Foundation, Ireland

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, we hear from Sakha's founder: 

"...violence against women has been and continues to be so widespread across all classes in our country. So we were meeting two objectives with one intervention. On the one hand, we were able to ensure livelihoods with dignity for resource-poor women who become drivers, and on the other hand, to offer safe mobility for female passengers....

For us, success is really the kind of transformation the women we work with are able to achieve. We’re talking about empowerment. The women who are today working with us as drivers, I can say that none will accept violence from men in their lives anymore. That’s very important for us. We’re talking about building change agents."

And check out more on community outreach initiatives from Sakha. (thanks to my colleague Shauna Carey for pointing this out via the comments below. Gotta love the collaborative conversations that get sparked on OpenIDEO!)

How might we use job creation to empower women to help each other and heighten the respect they receive from their communities? 


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