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"Bus 2120 arrives in 10 minutes"

I am fortunate to live in a city with an extensive public transportation system, which I use daily. Much of the city, including my home, are only accessible by bus, and many of the buses are notorious for not following the published schedules. Waiting alone at an isolated bus stop, not knowing when or if the bus will show up causes me a lot of anxiety, especially at night. To help make myself feel safer at night, I downloaded a bus tracking app on my iphone. The app uses the gps on the bus to show the real-time location of the bus on a map and uses a formula to predict when the bus will arrive at your stop. I use this app to plan my trips so that I can minimize the time waiting alone at the bus stop.

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This kind of app is only useful if buses are equipped with gps systems and people have access to smartphones and service. The technology exists, so it's only a matter of access. I would like to know what the cost is to install gps systems on city buses and if it's even plausible in developing countries. The app I have costs $0.99 and is only available on iphone. I know there are free versions and versions for other devices, but from my experience they are not as reliable and do not cover every bus route.


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I am also exploring if the most immediate way to make cities safer is to make public transport safer.

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