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Building a Sense of Community will Build Sense of Safety

Building a sense of safety is building a sense of community. Growing up in Staten Island, NY my neighborhood and community was not exactly the safest, but we were all close. I knew who my neighbors were down the block and around the corner. We had a sense of trust and a sense of community. This was developed through having community events like block parties and community gatherings at a park or local community center. We moved to Las Vegas, NV when I was 12. In 10 years, I only know two of the people who live on my block. All of my other acquaintances are from work and school. I do not know who lives next door to me. I do not know anyone other that my family and friends.

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There is an unsecure feeling of not knowing who you live next door to and who is living in your community.  The only people you have to trust is yourself.

When my mother goes out to walk the door, especially at night, I am concerned about whether or not she is going to come back.  The drive behind this feeling is that we do not know our neighbors or community. 

The largest factor in this is that there is no sense of community, or even neighborhood for that matter. 

In order to make urban areas, or any area safer for that matter, is to utilize community centers and local parks to hold community events to bring communities together.  In getting to know the people who live close by one is able to form a sense of community and a sense of safety. 

Below I have included an article which supports the idea that a sense of community will bring a sense of safety.  The article hits on a few great points which I can relate to from my childhood experiences of knowing who lives around me to knowing no one.

The article talks about spending time out doors in public places which are safe and within the community.  Doing so will allow for you to get to know others and allow others to get to know you within the community and it will drive that closer and safer community feel.  This does not go just for women, but is a large focus and highly recommended for women. 

Not only does this allow women to gain a safer sense of security, but also become more involved in the community.  By meeting others will grow one's sense of community and safety blanket when in need.


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Great way to share your own story Mitchell. I do believe in what you say, sometimes we live in a community that no one is involved, sometimes a involved community is the safest community. Though sometimes people are afraid to express their contributions to a community, it is always better to know what people will want in their community and finding ways to bond with each to promote a better one. Overall, we can see the link in how in low-urban areas are split within the community resulting safety to decrease and criminal activity to increase.

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Thanks for the response Pedro! This is something that many people just do not realize because they have never had the opportunity to have that community feeling.

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