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Buddy System: Safety in Numbers

What elements of safety do you find in the buddy system?

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Throughout my upbringing, I played sports in the Colorado public school system. There was a particular school where my team played that had a reputation for gang violence. As such, a girl from our team had been subject to a violent situation on her way to the locker room. From this experience, our coaches mandated extra safety requirements when traveling to this school. The main requirement was to use the buddy-system.

I thought about the safeness someone can feel from having a buddy next to them - less vulnerable from not being alone, empowerment from being "in it together," self-value from putting one's own safety first….

When thinking about the buddy system, I wanted to open up the dialogue to see what other feelings of safety are met by having someone by your side…...


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Hello Amy,
Overall I would have to agree that having someone next you in a not-so-safe environments can indeed help you feel safer. The security that you get from knowing that if something happens to you there is another person capable of helping in that instant or are able to call for help is truly a relive. Buddy system I feel works, but how could everyone in these low- urban communities find someone to go with them everywhere they go?

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Thanks for the inputs, Chely. I agree, it's probably not sustainable to have a partner for someone everywhere she goes. I was hoping to prompt dialogue around what "feelings" to look at in order to take these into account for our solutions - and thank you for this! I believe you mentioned "security" and "relief" - what things provide help provide these positive feelings? For security, is it a device such as pepper spray or whistle? For relief, perhaps it is a sense of community? I'm looking forward to exploring these ideas further with you in the ideas phase!

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