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Breaking habit - spreading the word, by sticking out like a sore thumb.

Who Knew A Bottle Of Red Nail Polish Might Be Responsible For Saving Lives? Braking habits, raising awareness, building bridges by breaking conventions. This campaign also reminded me of gender flipping: Fingernail paint on men fingers, entails some translucent gender roles. The color red is a warning color and a conversation starter...

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Sacrificing body space for a good cause. It is a visible, temporary, self opted body transformation that campaign followers undertake.

There is a huge value in the experience of being asked about the red thumb and what it means.

What habitual change are we looking for in stakeholders who live in [low-income] environments and treat women inadequately. What is adequately?


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I link the concept of the campaign. The red thumb may not be the solution for everyone. What other daily reminders could be for everyone? For road safety, a lot of phones come with "do not disturb" messages that will take the impulse way from wanting to text/talk and drive.

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