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Bracelet tracking device to give women security and independence to travel by themselves

Discrete, beautiful bracelets along with a support system involving the community, give women the ability to feel safe by themselves in public.

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Discrete and attractive bracelet with transmitter and multiple check-in points around the public community (bus stops, markets, schools etc) and in the personal home

Button for distress signal
  • emits light (laser?) and sound to notify those nearby
  • alerts other trusted person’s* bracelets by vibrating
  • alerts system where they are on map 

  • aided with the help of the community and those around them
  • people in close communities have the emotional instinct and nurturing nature to help those around them 

Trusted person* can find out where a person is if they are worried

Can be set up to alert when bracelet leaves normal areas/patterns
  • Empowers women to be able to go places by themselves
  • Not demeaning – seen as a fashion accessory – a statement for feminism
  • Assures people they can be found if in strife
  • Deters others from abusing women by making those around them aware 
  • Education program
  • Emphasising the importance of safety for women
  • Encouraging men and boys to participate (chivalry, ethical values)
  • Teaching girls and women what is acceptable way to be treated
  • Giving them confidence to stand up for themselves 


  • A statement for feminism
  • A symbol for community strength
  • Ability to stand up for themselves 

How can we empower women through networking and education?

Other things that still need to be considered:
  • Religious/cultural/traditional impacts
  • How women are viewed in the Social Economic System
  • Dark/isolated areas need to be lit at night
  • How to make make travel safer on transport
  • Removing barriers for women to get jobs
  • Perhaps integrating living areas of social demographics can help? 
*Trusted person - Family members/or someone the user trusts. The user chooses who this is when the bracelet is set up


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Yes, need to thnk about the networking aspects

Photo of Meena Kadri

Too true, Gavin. Perhaps you might join us in searching for existing examples of initiatives, products, services which speak to networking? Many hands make light work in our Research phase :^) Looking forward to seeing more of you on OpenIDEO...

Photo of Gavin Melles
One aspect is technology the other is about what we mean by networking e.g. solidarity also

Photo of Meena Kadri

Nice one. The best way to share gems like this on the challenge is to create dedicated posts for them so folks can discuss. Here's more handy tips: Hope you can manage to post there...

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Hello in france you've got startup created a global cellular network for connected objects very cheap !!!

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The part of the complexity is an information system behind this network, I think it's so possible with low cost according to the cloud system

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