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Any significant relationship between the urban poor and the impact from TV shows and advertising?

According to a research by Gerald J. Gorn and Marvin E. Goldberg, the research suggests that the urban poor: a) spend twice as much time viewing TV, b) like the medium more than the general population, and c) trust TV more than other media (Greenberg and Davis 1969).

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The implied result from the study can be a good method to educate the urban poor. In my interview with Divyata Ved, she mentions that common daily entertainment for people in Bumbai includes Bollywood, Cricket and festivals. Bollywood stars are potentially good spokesperson for communicating the idea of empowering women and making the society a safer place for women.

We can actively look for a socially responsible studio or an individual (role model) to help influence and empower women. The key messages should include:
  • Assistance (government agencies or community) provided to women who are abused at home.
  • Assistance for technical or job trainings to give women financial independence. similar to this post by Sue---
  • Information of any related public policies.


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Interesting research.

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