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Anti-theft dye packs

You know how when a robber steals a box of cash, but the box is rigged with a permanent dye which sprays over the robber and cash? It is a very effective and unambiguous way of identifying the robber. I am thinking that visibly marking and publicly shaming attackers of women may be a way of reducing the number of attacks.

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1.  Visibly marking assailants may make potential attackers think twice.
2.  I'm aiming for social shame - if you are covered in dye then you can't easily hide your crime - and if you get shunned by your peers and family then maybe you'll stop.
3.  Whatever law enforcement exists will be in a fairly strong position to spot and prosecute an attacker.

This is far from perfect of course!  But I find the approach inspiring and wonder if there is a way we could apply it.


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Neat idea Mark. Social shame can help identify the assailant but I'm wondering what the repercussions may be if the assailant lives in the same neighborhood as the victim. I agree with Anne-Laure that the approach needs to be holistic and we need to think about the threat of retribution which could have dire consequences. The women I interviewed were afraid of their neighborhood bullies and really used their own wits to stand up to it. Ironically in this situation its the victims who are afraid of the consequences!! We need to find a way to turn that around so the perpetrators are afraid of the consequences. But for that we need the multipronged approach that Anne is mentioned in her research.

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Good point Pallavi - fear of repercussions would be an issue - and one that needs to be tackled for sure. Whenever an attacker is pointed out and accused then the accuser is at risk of repercussions.

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