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Aging as a woman: the invisible majority

Aging women, after their 60s, are one of the largest and less studied groups of our society, and their needs and sufferings are still outside of the realm of studies of social sciences in general. Most of the times, they are tossed in other paradigms, without taking into account their special characteristics, such as the effect of previous discrimination in their development, the inability to build a financial and educational equity because of that, less representation in the civil society and how this accumulates with time. Here is a link to a program developed by Chile's Social Ministry to help bridge this gaps (link in spanish)

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As I started researching what had been done in my country about the subject, this one struck me, as it was completely out of my kind when I thought about possible ideas. But as soon as I read the brief, it made complete sense: women, for different reasons, outlive men, and also, any improvement I have seen in my lifetime for girls and young women, was already too late for older women. This can be seen also as an added benefit to any intervention done today on young girls, as this actions will also benefit future generations of older women, that in many countries are anchors and carriers of stability and culture.
I think that this is a subject that should be covered in any serious effort to create safer envoriment for women around the world.


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