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About women's self defense

Self defense is the directest way to women when facing an unsafe situation. There is a hot video on Youtube about how to escape rape. Also, I recommend a book written by Tim Larkin, named "Survive the Unthinkable: A Total Guide to Women's Self-Protection". Both of them provide very useful tips of women's self defense.

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Cpmpared with building safety system in urban area, to teach women how to protect themelves is much more effective and directly. This video technically shows how to escape rape in detail. The perfomers teach us what is the right reaction of self defense in a vivid way. I believe people seen this video could have a self protection idea in mind. This video would help not only the women live in low income urban areas but also in the big cities, such as New York. Because of unsafety factors exist everywhere, women should have prepared in mind. 

About the book, the author brings decades of experience to the topic of women's ability to protect themselves from violent attack. It may be hard to wrap your head around some of the concepts, for example the asocial violence. However, Tim Larkin makes a convincing case that women have been woefully underserved by the "self defense" industry, and cheated into thinking they stand no chance against a larger attacker. With Larkin's simple techniques, and most importantly the mindset he imparts, women will be forever empowered against the fear that is too often a part of their daily lives.


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