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SafeShebeen Strategy is Launched

On the 30th October, SLF launched the SafeShebeen strategy at an exhibition event in Sweet Home Farm. The event was attended by community members, shebeeners, representatives from government, academic institutions and civil society. The event included a display of exhibits showing the research, engagement and innovation components of the project. A SafeShebeen toolkit was handed over to each participating shebeen owner as part of the strategy launch.

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The SafeShebeen strategy includes the introduction of 48 original signs through which the project seeks to communicate messages about appropriate social behavior in bars and other public spaces. Each sign relates to a specific safety rule. The set of signs are shown in the attached document. See how many of the rules you understand. Some of the signs were reproduced in public place. Each shebeen owner has selected a specific set of rules from the basket of rules. The project helped to develop a uniqure rules poster for each shebeener which are displayed in their venue. The project has resulted in a sense of empowerment amongst the shebeen owners to take a more proactive role in the self-regulation of their venues. We have also succeeded in raising awareness of inappropriate behavour through the public display of signs and through the community interest that the signs themselves have generated. We look forward to report-back on the impact of the SafeShebeen strategy over time. For further information about the project, see the attached files.

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SafeShebeen Signs

About the rules.jpg

About the development of house rules

Community Engagement.jpg

About the community engagement process


About the SafeShebeen toolkit

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Photo of luisa covaria

It's great to see this update. It's amazing to see the concept take shape and be implemented.

 In order for our team to share the great news widely, it might be helpful if you add a short summary and link to the original idea for those who didn't get to follow it's process during the Women's Safety Challenge.

Also, we are super curious to learn what are the next steps?
How might members of our community support you? Are you looking for specific skills, support, feedback?
We are happy to spread the word amongst our networks,
Looking forward to learn if the signs create behavior change,
Great work,

Photo of Meena Kadri

Awesome stuff, indeed. Sounds like it was a highly impactful event and I love the participatory nature of having shebeens choose their own selection of signs from the collective basket. Way to go.

I've used my Community Manager super powers to create some links to the attached files directly into your post. You might like to add some of the fab photos from your event to your image gallery as well – so others here can easily check out the human-centered goodness you generated at Sweet Home Farm.

Looking forward to hearing more from the SLF Team as things progress and further impact evolves. Congrats all on your stellar efforts thus far.

Photo of Bathulile Ntshingila

Thank you guys for the feedback. The SafeShebeen team is really excited about how the project has taken shape, working with the whole community was definitely the way to go for us and their support to the shebeeners has been amazing.
Meena, your super powers are on point thank you for that . Please feel free to view some of our event photographs on this Facebook link ;
You will also find a link on this page of a newspaper article written by the Times Live about the launch of SafeShebeen strategy.

Luisa, we are still in consultation with the shebeeners as well the community leaders on how to take the project forward, one of the ideas involves hosting mini road shows called Rules Awareness Campaign (RAC) in Sweet Home Farm to teach the community what some the rule signs mean. It is only after we have met with the different community groups that we will be able to share what the project needs going forward are in Sweet Home Farm.

We will share this with you by Monday next week.

Thanks again guys for this.

Photo of Meena Kadri

Great photos! I've used my Community Manager super powers again – to adda link to them at the bottom of your post. Best of luck with developments – we look forward to learning more. Feel free to update your post here when you're ready.

Photo of Bathulile Ntshingila

After some time we have managed to scale down (due to the Festive Season being upon us) our actions according to the needs of the shebeen owners, the community and the project. Some of the core activities going forward include:
 i) disseminating knowledge about the rules within the community, ii) monitoring and supporting the shebeeners to operationalise the rules, iii) assessing impact after one year, iv) supporting and encouraging (new) participants to embrace the rule idea and use of signs, v) promoting the replication of the idea in other sites.

Photo of Meena Kadri

Great focus. Have a fab festive season!