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In "TURN UP THE VOLUME!!!", we are going to use the media to SHOUT OUT LOUD, we are going to talk about social ills against women & girls, we are going to shout out loud how to save women & girls from these ills. The media is an indispensable tool in the dissemination of information. It can serve to ingrain thoughts, thought patterns, be used to form & reform perceptions. We have seen how advertising companies use the media to influence the choices we make. We will do this using a TV or radio soap opera. We will produce, showcase & cross-pollinate melodramatic and emotional soaps around 5 focal societies. Eg. In Asia, Africa. The aim is to show people the evil that goes on around them & to get people talking and questioning values and norms

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This is a world-wide campaign against rape of women. The media is a tool to influence change. The idea is to get people talking, thinking and questioning norms and standards. Please refer to a Family TV series"I need to know" sponsored by United Nations Population Fund. We have not been able to get any of the videos on the internet, we are still searching however, this is an excerpt from the UNFPA website. ***UNFPA embarked on the development and production of a television series on adolescent reproductive health entitled “I NEED TO KNOW” in 1999. The TV series commenced its second season of production in 2003 with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and has been extended in local languages on over 20 television and 15 radio stations across Nigeria. The second season of the series focuses on HIV/AIDS information. An impact survey conducted in 2000 indicated that the drama is used by families as a tool for parent-child communication and has contributed to breaking the silence on ASRH issues.***

Please watch this video to see how a little boy became an agent of change.

I find that if people are made aware of the dynamics of a thing, they are better informed, better empowered to make a change (as men and women in the society) or influence legislation (as leaders).

In this idea, we would begin with using a television soap to tell interesting, melodramatic stories to address the following:
  • Rape
  • Its negativity
  • Factors that might influence it (the content of the screen play should be from research done in individual communities/societies). For example in some places, physically disabled women are more prone to rape.
  • People's emotion to the concept of "rape", either as a distant concept or when affecting them directly e.g a friend or family member.
  • Stigmatization of rape victims and silence, sometimes acceptance of "forced coitus".
  • Encouraging positive habits and lifestyle in the following:
a. Men and boys and how they should conduct themselves
  • to encourage female friends and sisters who have been through rape.
  • to serve as positive role models (friends and advisers) to girls who may be indecently dressed, instead of molesters amd marauders.
  • to project a positive image for male role models, even in a  society that discourages it.
b. Women and ladies and how they should conduct themselves.
  • encourage education among women and ladies,so that when they are empowered and exposed, they will be able to rise out of low-income areas, and even empowered to educate others.
  • encourage community spirit among women
  • To subtly make clear to the government, the need to reduce corruption in society and in legislation
  • Increase the information on human rights available to the massess.

The soap opera should be made engaging, interesting, exciting and insightful. it also requires near-perfect or perfect planing, so as not to loose the interesting flavor found in notable soap operas popular in certain communities in the world; especially  as enjoyed in those regions of high population of low income communities.

The stories of the soap, should be gotten from 5 - 6 societies of the world e.g. Asia, Africa, N & S America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, targetted at individualized communities with highest prevalence of rape (if data is available). The TV series be innthe local dialect of 20 select communities (5 in each society), it should be subtitled also for viewing and to aid comprehension in the rotated societies.

After the soap is produced, it should be televised rotationally to target regions. for example, a telemundo soap (Sponsored by OpenIDEO and produced by this community) set in Brazil, S.America (and subtitled in english or hausa) televised in Nigeria, Africa;  and a soap set in Nigeria and televised in Brazil. This will cause epeople to see that the problem of rape is not peculiar to them, it would give people a global perspective of this ill, cause them to begin to ask questions and they could learn the factors in other communities that influence rape, and also learn how other communities handle it.They could pick up 1 or 2 solutions that could be used in their own country.

Television stations easily accesible in low income urban areas should be patronized by the production team of the Soap -"TURN UP THE VOLUME!!!"

OpenIDEO can sponsor about 20 viewing centres in the low-income urban areas of the 5 - 6 societies, strategically located too, especially when the soaps become popular in demand.

The airing of the soap should last about 5 years, to ensure that the spirit of the media image we are trying to ingrain, is truly and properly done.

Why do I think it might succeed?
The media has taken the place of a demi-god, it sets rules and standards that people unknowingly follow and adhere to. Lets us use this to our advantage to propagate a public common good. People, now, watch more television than ever before. However, one thing still plays to our advantage (as we have noted on the Challenge brief video), because of the high population density of low-income urban areas, lots of people still meet at bus stops, in the market place, at the salon, at the pubs, barbers salon, and they still talk face en face, and discuss matters arising (as opposed to having virtual conversation with friends on facebook)

I have watched my mother drive her car to a TV station to watch  soap opera directly from the source simply because our electricity went off and our generator wouldn't come on. I have watched people passing by each other stop for 10 minutes and discuss a favorite soap, especially if they missed an episode, and would repeat this till they get the full gist of the missed episode. I have watched people's mindsets change as they are sucked into the melodrama of a soap. I have wartched people cry and go without food because they were saddened by a soap.

The question now is, "what next?". After drawing out peoples emotions, what next? We are not only drawing out emotions, we are providing knowledge, with knowlegde comes empowerment and with empowerment comes change.

What questions do I have for the community?
1. How do we plan a soap opera that talks about real life issues and yet remains die-hard, interesting amd captivating, like some Telemundos from Brazil i know?
2. How do we pick which 5 societies to base the soap on?
3. How do we rotate the soap? Bi-annually or monthly (any other options)?
4. How long will the soap last? Because there are other societal ills prevalent in low income urban areas that affect safety, aside from rape.
5. How can we use the radio stations to broadcast the soaps, for areas where televisions are not prevalent.

Explain your idea in one sentence.

Using well planned and executed protocol on television and radio to effect change, create a global village where China can view the social ills against women in low-income areas in Brazil, and Brazil will do same for India and/or Nigeria, creating a global perspective of the issues and enabling knowledge to be built globally on ways to tackle the ills.

What is the need you are trying to solve?

The need to create and enhance communal awareness of societal ills, with initial emphasis on rape, factors instigating it, and ways to ameliorate this societal ill and others. The need to get people talking in their homes, the marketplace, in salons, bus stops, bus queues, restaurants, at lunch break, in the gymnasium, coffee shops, barber shops, business board rooms. When people are made aware of an ill, and are drawn into it emotionally, it takes a personal stance in their lives and the fight for change is not far off. Please watch this video to see how a little boy became an agent of change.

Who will benefit from this idea and how would you monitor its success?

Everyone, even the government will benefit from this idea, because OpenIDEO can partner with the government of the individual societies, if they choose. We can monitor its success by getting feed back from questionnaires shared before and sometime after the soap has begun. We can also monitor the trend in opinion polls. OpenIDEO can have opinion polls on radio stations, Facebook and other popular social media platforms.

Who would be best equipped to implement this idea in the real world? You? Your organisation? Another organisation or entity?

Who would be best equipped to implement this idea in the real world? Me? Yes My organisation? Yes Another organisation or entity? Yes, OpenIDEO community

Where should this idea be implemented?

This Idea should be implemented in the media industry of the 5 - 6 societies listed above (in the main body).

How might you prototype this idea and test some of the assumptions behind it?

Pick 1 society, and 1 community, start with school plays in primary schools, secondary schools and universities, run it for 6 months. Do a "before" and "after" questionnaire for the students and young people. Target the location of this play to a low-income urban area, and also an urban area, to compare results.

What might a day in the life of a community member interacting with your idea look like?

A young woman sits down and thoughts of her life flash before her eyes. She sees herself as a character in the movie of her life. She begins to reject certain societal norms that label her as a dependent, as a "no good", as inferior. She mentally starts to see herself more independent, hardworking, resilient and able to make decisions and choices to better her life. She sees herself as a better friend or wife or mother. From the imaginations of her strengthened mind comes actions to empower herself e.g she begins to learn another trade, practice a new enabling idea, continue school, builds her self confidence, begins to propagate ideas like the Indian pepper bangle to her local community girls, to help defend themselves against intending rapists or "assaulters". A young man begins to see that rape is not a fashionable spot, it is evil, there are other men out there who find it repulsive and for the "WEAK". Another young legislator begins to realize that he/she needs to put more street lights in his/her governing district to increase the safety of the citizens who he/she is meant to protect. He/Se also realizes the need to sanitize the police force.


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Viola! ...and this is the most sympathetic (although potential) cause to rape victims/cases known to me especially in Nigeria. I can only pray and wish u (AWHF) triumphant success in this noble endeavour. Although AWHF appear to be female-gender-based, would She advocate for male victims of r ape (unlike the Nigerian law on rape)?

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Thanks Pete. Well dear, this challenge is on Women safety, as organized by OpenIDEO (refer to the brief . However, we on AWHF have set our mission to young people (not gender sensitive) to Inspire and Empower young people with life skills, Arm them with the knowledge of who they are, Activate their potential and Propel them to their destinies (refer to our Facebook page I love this challenge because it sets itself right in our path...

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I see... Apparently, u are more than prepared for the challenge. You can count on my support in any way possible. Brilliant, brilliant idea. Goodluck AWHF!

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