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Mama Shwari- Cradle of Women Violence Prevention - UPDATED with Experience Map - /05/14

There has been over 20 monthly incidents of unreported assaults or domestic violence, defilement against women and girls. Perceptions of increased Domestic violence on women was high in Kisii as attributed by the Kisii Community Safety Audit 2010. I met Mary Kwamboka was abandoned and separated from her husband leaving her in a desperate situation. Later, she was attacked by small traders, insulted for encroaching into the road by the county government officials and money stolen by young thugs who live at the side streets of Kisii town. Even her children complained of neglect due to her lack of money to cater for their food and clothing.

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Like other women, Mary will be “a Mama Shwari” a cradle of women transformation and hope in safety. It is about women adopting communities’ strategies through family parenting sessions, support groups that encourage socio-economic sustenance among the women including home visits to each other that keeps safer and engaged in community activities.

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The idea will target women from difficult and violent situation associated with their families and communities . some of them are either widows, single or divorced. Mama Shwari as noted at the enter phase will help choose the right beneficiaries through local government, NGO/CBOs, faith based organizations and other related community organizations. The idea hopes to ensure that beneficiaries capacity is enhanced using new skills at sessions, support groups and even exchange information during the visits to their houses to restore confidence.

Show us what implementation might look like.

HOW MAMA SHWARI WILL WORK?............................. 1) Enter - Mama Shwari Mobilization............................... Community mobilization strategy that incorporate government (local public administration, children and gender offices), local community organizations (NGOs/CBOs), religious organizations, etc. Enrollment criteria for Mama Shwari developed to attract 50-60 women. Mama Shwari Outlook Paper: 5 stages of approach of growing deeper, reaching wider: key input – Parenting training, Safety Support groups, Mapping memories and stories; and Mama Shwari Cradle of fame for recognition................................ 2) Encounter - Mama Shwari Parenting and women safety Training 6 Family parenting and women safety sessions on self-awareness, Training guide encompass ideas from “walk in her shoes” toolkit for GBV prevention network and CECOME parenting manual Mentor for support, follow-up and supervision....................... 3) Embrace - Mama Shwari support group and home visits Safety support groups stimulate dialogue and offer peer counseling Groups share their savings every week into Mama Shwari Family Scheme for household support 30 Home visits conducted to appreciate bondage, dialogue and share gifts.................. 4) Engage - Mama Shwari Memories Book & Cradle of Fame Mapping Mama Shwari Memories Books/DVD: share stories, songs, foods, styles of clothing, interactions and photos; even memorable quotes. Given the challenges of interfacing digital and analogue process in rural Kenya; the process has been review to allow women will share memories throughout into Books/DVD and Web platform Celebrate recognition of Women Safety efforts including best practices into Mama Shwari Cradle of Fame........................
Women living in difficult violent siutations are hawking sweets or selling vegetable in unsafe streets of the town. They engage in risky behaviours, crime, violence and unacceptable means of generating income in commercial sex work, consumption or sell of illicit drugs and alcohol.
Unfavorable family situations encourage these women to move out and fend for their families. They end up spending most of their time in their business which hinders them to play their parenting role, leading their children into criminality.
We have been to build this idea:
Does the idea make women feel safer; how can we make it look better? Are there technologies for women reflections and sharing of memories? How can women sustain their engagement in ‘Mama Shwari’ to be cradle of women violence prevention?

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Mama Shwari is a Swahili meaning of ‘a Woman Able to Stand Out’ in the community, to provide resilience and support to other women also experiencing abusive and violent relationships to become a cradle for violence prevention within the family level.

What is the need you are trying to solve?

Community discourse in (Kisii) Kenya are increasing around sexual and gender based violence are closely connected to those of weakening family values. They are debated in the most emotive way. Women are subjected to unsafer family and community conditions, women who are the victim remains with all the psychological problems. Evidence of this process, shall be based on what the participating women are doing to turn around their families.

Who will benefit from this idea and how would you monitor its success?

Women experiencing abuse, violence or at risk of violence will be the primary beneficiaries during family parenting sessions learn about parenting and women safety, sharing experiences in support groups and visiting each other at their houses while sharing gifts. Their experiences through this initiative shall greatly influence their family, and transform them into a cradle for non-violence. Monitoring success will be in three levels at sessions, during the support group experiences and home visits to women’s houses. Information will be document in memories books/DVD even on the web platform and interface with the local community dialogue process. There will be Mama Shwari Cradle of Fame to celebrate recognition of women efforts on safety

Who would be best equipped to implement this idea in the real world? You? Your organisation? Another organisation or entity?

Local community organizations will be the paramount avenue for women safety organizing and implementation. Mama Shwari will incorporate women with difficult family challenges into organization management. Local government representatives will play significant part to ensure sustainability to other resources and goodwill for the process.

Where should this idea be implemented?

local community areas, towns even informal settlements in western part of Kenya where women who have separated, widowed are experiencing difficulties with safety, crime and violence. Mama Shwari will be replicated to ensure sense of transformation and hope.

How might you prototype this idea and test some of the assumptions behind it?

We have contact local organization on the ground to help try out the idea. The process of partnership will be consultative and strive to build up this idea into a reality. Prototyping For Mama Shwari Outline for Mapping Memories that share their experiences, stories and photos Guideline for training, support groups and visits Guideline for Family Scheme for household support Outline of Mapping memories book/DVD including Maps Benchmarks for Cradle of Fame

What might a day in the life of a community member interacting with your idea look like?

The women will interact with the idea throughout the week at their houses and neighbour hood, market and businesses with their customers and other social places through women friends and groups who have been trained about parenting and women safety for 6 months; Women in their support groups will have weekly meetings that shares their outcomes in local chief's meetings and participating in other NGO/CBOs workshop and media talks will also offer opportunity for women to articulate their issues. The ultimate point of the idea will be cradle of fame that forms the highest epic point for women champions. The Memories of stories in the community will be shared to tell others of the milestones that women overcome to ensure their safety as a benchmark for best practices.


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I opened facebook page for mama shwari..... ask for more interaction beyond to make this idea a reality and viable for women in the community

Photo of Rapudo Hawi

The process is building up in face book as Mama Shwari remains the great philosophy of "growing deeper reaching wider"

Photo of Rapudo Hawi

The number signing up to support Mama Shwari keeps raising up tempo for women safety. The philosophy is getting into more and more people as they interact with the good words of Mama Shwari....

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