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"Fire Drill!"

They say if you practice, or mentally go over, what you would do in an emergency situation, you will respond better in an emergency situation. Based on that concept, we would like to empower girls and boys by holding safety workshops pertaining to locally sourced issues.

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A NGO would gather community members to help generate content and gain a better understanding of local issues and norms. Then, the NGO would faciliate workshops in schools for teachers to bring up these issues and ways to address them. Teachers would then faciliate the discussion with students. On a monthly basis, teachers would facilitate a practice or role play of different scenarios and students would practice safe behavior, vocabulary, and discuss new norms. In that way, if students were ever placed in a real scenario, they would be able to respond better - like how fire drills help people react better when there is an actual fire. In addition, people can become designated point people that concerned community members can go to if they want to bring up a safety issue. The NGO provides monitoring and evaluation, as well as learns best practices from the teachers that can be shared with other community groups.

Explain your idea in one sentence.

A media-based education campaign about safety, founded upon locally sourced issues, that teaches girls how to react to potentially dangerous situations and encourages boys and girls to protect each other.

What is the need you are trying to solve?

Changing behaviors to create a safer community

Who will benefit from this idea and how would you monitor its success?

Communities in developing countries that have safety issues. From the beginning local safety issues would be noted and success would be based on the campaign's impact on those issues.

Who would be best equipped to implement this idea in the real world? You? Your organisation? Another organisation or entity?

A NGO that works in community development in locations this campaign would be helpful

Where should this idea be implemented?

Anywhere safety is an issue within a community

How might you prototype this idea and test some of the assumptions behind it?

Create storyboards and sample media for the campaign


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Photo of Meena Kadri

Great sketches! I like how this seeks to make response to harassment, etc more habitual – and in the process educates about these issues.

Photo of Anne-Laure Fayard

Thanks Meena. During the brainstorming we remembered a conversation on self-defense where people were unsure whether women would be able to put in practice their skills. By analogy, we wondered how can we make some behaviors "unconscious".... and the fire drill experience came up.