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Community Fitness Center

Combining the ideas of a community center or other communal safe space with that of empowerment through physical fitness.

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In the Research phase I read about the positive effects of physical fitness, group activities, and safe environments. I want to combine these ideas into a community fitness center. I think this could be a great opportunity to allow women a place where they can feel safe, meet fellow community members, and achieve physical fitness. All of these aspects can increase individuals' sense of confidence and empowerment, as well as creating a larger network of people who can recognize each other on the streets, commute together, and feel an overall sense of community.

Explain your idea in one sentence.

Let's create a space where women can feel safe, meet fellow community members, and achieve physical fitness.

What is the need you are trying to solve?

Helping women feel empowered and safe within their community.

Who will benefit from this idea and how would you monitor its success?

All members of the community could benefit from such an establishment. You could monitor success through the number of individuals enrolled in classes and/or that visit each day or week. You could take visual queues or customer surveys regarding social connections being made, physical improvements, and members' sense of confidence.

Who would be best equipped to implement this idea in the real world? You? Your organisation? Another organisation or entity?

A physical location would be the biggest requirement - preferably somewhere centrally located within the community, easily accessible, and large enough to hold different kinds of classes or recreational activities (indoors and/or outdoors). Additionally, class leaders, organizers, and some administrators would need to be recruited. Perhaps members of the community could be hired and trained in order to further the idea that this is an establishment made for the community by the community.

How might you prototype this idea and test some of the assumptions behind it?

I base much of my idea on an organization that already exists, Healthworks Fitness, which is "dedicated to promoting the health and empowerment of women and children from all economic backgrounds."


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