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AdoptAWomen is a platform where any women/girl who has time and strength would support another women/girl in need from any part of the world.

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​ Update (04/30/2014): Working with PhyuHnin Hlaing (openIdeo member)  to test the prototype with the mentees from mayanmar.
Update (04/17/2014): Added process prototype to involve the way each user interacts with the portal.

Important additions were involvement of volunteers to help recruit the mentees in need of support. Volunteers can also promote the portal through events and other knowledge sharing tools. We are in touch with several student organizations like AIESEC to see how they fit into volunteering and how can achieve the desired tasks. 

Added Core team, to take care of technical portal activities. They are involved in refeining the user experience and overseeing managerial activities of the portal. Core team can be sponsored by any one or more of the profitable business.

Please watch the intro video in the media box above before proceeding to read below.
A web based platform where women/girls from all around the world who have time and strength can come forward to give emotional strength to the women/girls in need. A databse of Women/Girls would be made who require emotional support and mentorship which can be acheived by parterning with local NGO's from every urban/rural areas. Parterning with Voip platforms like skype where users can make free calls through the portal to the mentees on thier personal mobile. The platform will also contain access to free services/methods like writing letters to the local posting facility to reach the mentees. 

Mentors can be the women who are well established in the modern society, housewives who have enough time in hand, women activists, a college girl, and any women/girl who has strength and time. Mentors create goals which they want to achieve with the mentees. Mentors would form a strong community where they can seek help with fellow mentors. Mentors can solve issue related to safety by contacting someone related to the problem in the community or bring issue into the light in the community to be looked upon. Goals created by mentors would be tracked by governonrs (Senior mentors or experienced members who want to contriubte but not involve in mentorship) and top mentors would be highlited with a badge/status on the platform.

Mentees would not require any technical knowledge or might not have to use this platform, it is the mentor who would have the acess. Profiles of mentees would be made with name or a photo with few details regarding thier background. Lockets which would be given to the mentees who are adopted would become a sign of strength and would induce fear among criminal minds and make them think twice before approaching them.

Note: The logos, domain, features presented in the video are just concepts and mocks. 

Explain your idea in one sentence.

A community to support women in need by a women with strength and time.

What is the need you are trying to solve?

Empowering women by giving them emotional, mental strength and creating a strong community of women to resolve issues concerning women safety.

Who will benefit from this idea and how would you monitor its success?

Any women/girl who are in need of safety and support would benefit from this idea. This concept would be successful when the locket (Symbol of Adoption), which a mentee wears, would become a sign of strength and when every criminal mind would think twice before causing any harm. Any crime on women should never be remain unnoticed.

Who would be best equipped to implement this idea in the real world? You? Your organisation? Another organisation or entity?

It is a self sustainable concept which runs on the lines of crowdsourcing. Members of the platform would play different roles like Mentor, Governor. To develop the platform we need few software developers - this could possibly be done by Engineering students in our school (NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering) as project works or a startup. The core activities of the portal would be managed by SomeThinking team members. Local NGO's dealing with safety/women related causes should be partnered to create the database of potential mentees.

Where should this idea be implemented?

It is a web platform and would be accessible to any one around the globe with the means of Internet.

How might you prototype this idea and test some of the assumptions behind it?

We could prototype the User Interface of the portal. A beta version of it can be tested among the college students of New York University in mentoring fellow classmates (Women/Girl) in need of support.


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Hello! I noticed that you were working on setting this up at NYU, I have a few friends that are recent graduates from there and could reach out to them to see if they had any contacts at the campus still that would be helpful to this idea.

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