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Transforming Kathmandu to a Safe place for women & girls

The idea is to enabling women, girls and youth of the low income communities in the cities of Kathmandu on their safety matters. It is a campaign in collaboration with Nepal Police and concerned municipalities to make Kathmandu to a safe place for women and girls through empowering the low income urban working poor women and girls who are unsafe in their workplace, in public space s and in public transportation, and who are excluded from the basic urban services .

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Provide a short description of your idea

My idea is a campaign not a project. It tackles the problem of low-income urban working women and girls. It addresses the problem by raising their knowledge, enhancing their capacity with skill, building their network, accessing them to the basic urban services and socio-economically potential opportunities and making other key authorities responsible to empowering them and end violence and harassment on them.

Get a user's perspective on your idea.

Few days ago, a group discussion and interview was held with the women working poor following some questions which is attached below.

Show us what implementation might look like.

The timeline of implementation of pilot project is designed and scheduled in monthly basis which is attached below.
HNN is a network of membership based organizations working poor especially of women in the informal economy. it has an enabled network of like-minded organizations ranging from government, non-government and community led CBOs within and outside Kathmandu valley. HNN is well equiped with skilled youth volunteers from community and from colleges.HomeNet Nepal (HNN) is a nation-wide network of membership based organizations (MBOs) of working poor especially of women in the informal economy. It is an active network of like-minded organizations ranging from government, non-government and community led Community Based Organizations(CBOs) in the country. HNN is well equipped with skillful youth volunteers and women leaders from various communities. It has nearly 26 thousands of membership strength over the country with huge majority of low earning women in the informal economy.  Both Municipality and Community Police have already agreed to work on safety issues of women and girls in partnership with HNN. It has one and a half decade long experience working on the issues of working poor in Nepal. 

Explain your idea in one sentence.

It is a community led intervention to make cities of Kathmandu safe for women and girls by enabling capacity, increasing knowledge and awareness, building network, providing access to information and opportunities for a gainful socio-economic activities for their safety and prosperity partnering with Municipality and Community Police.

What is the need you are trying to solve?

The women and girls especially those belonging to low income earning communities living in cities of Kathmandu are unsafe and vulnerable in every aspect which is adversely affecting their state of education, human rights, occupation and employment preventing them from leading a dignified life as a human. It is an idea to solve the safety needs of urban working poor women and girls in the cities of Kathmandu.

Who will benefit from this idea and how would you monitor its success?

Low earning working women member of HNN who work in diversified sub- sectors of informal sector such as home base work, construction work, transport work, domestic works, road-side vendoring, small enterprises and self-employment etc. and girls who are prone to violence, harassment and economic insecurity will be directly benefited by this intervention. The implementation of the activities of idea and the impacted result will be monitored based on the indicators that we want to see in the lives of low income urban working women and girls such as level of knowledge and awareness, level of access to communication, feeling of safety, their engagement on work/employment/education, and access to public services

Who would be best equipped to implement this idea in the real world? You? Your organisation? Another organisation or entity?

HomeNet Nepal in partnership with Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)and Community Police will be the key implementing agencies of this idea. The Community Police, as a partner will patrol the focused locations, set up of awareness raising booth, receive and register cases from victims and proceed for legal treatment jointly with HNN. Similarly the Kathmandu Metropolitan City will emphasize the urban working poor women with their plan and budget and increase wider access to public services to them such as health, literacy, water, street lights, skill for employment, child care etc in partnership with HNN. For the implementation, HNN will mobilize the member MBOs of urban poor properly.

Where should this idea be implemented?

Specifically, this idea will be implemented in 5 wards of Kathmandu Metropolitan City namely Ward No. 7( Chabhil area, 8(Bauddha area), 31(Old bus-park area), 34(Sinamangal area) and 35(Koteshwor area of KMC, Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City and Thimi in Bhaktapur (Please see the map above)

How might you prototype this idea and test some of the assumptions behind it?

This idea was tested one year ago in Ward No. 7 of KMC which gave a very much positive impact. Few days back, a group interview and discussion was held in a an urban poor community in coordination with Lalitpur sub-metropolitan city. The anticipated assumptions will be tested by the level of confidence and knowledge of women and girls obtained from the awareness raising activities and trainings, level of engagement of low earning women and girls in socio-economic activities, coverage of needs of low earning women by the services of municipality through plan and budget, state of safety of women and girls ensured by the community police force and perception of people, in general, regarding the safety of women and girls in public places.

What might a day in the life of a community member interacting with your idea look like?

It might be a fine morning that joins their needs of safety and living with dignity with solution which is possible only through their i community led intervention. It might be a rays of hope that can be felt by the low income women and girls who are very much prone to violence and harassment even in the dark of the evening.

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Hi Om, let us know if you are having any trouble uploading information. We would love to support you. Also, there are some seasoned OpenIDEO users in our community that I'm sure will chime in if you post a comment asking a question when you are having trouble.
Looking forward to learning how you are refining your idea.

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Dear Luisa, earlier, I had some confusion on up-loading the refinement on my idea. It is now solved to some extent. I have up-loaded the refined text, relevant photos, graphics, cased studies and a video. But, I still know that these are not in right order. I thus, request you to guide me for further refinement.


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Dear Luisa, may I request you to kindly go through the refinement and give me suggestion.


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It's great to see the detailed information you have added. It gives an understanding of the problem you are addressing and the mission of your organization. What is still hard to understand is what are your clear steps to be accomplished in the next 12 to 18 months and how will you benefit from the funding and design support offered by The Amplify program.

The timeline you provide offers a very general idea of what will be accomplished.
What are the clear activities and what does success look like at the end of the pilot?
What new resources will you need to achieve this?
How is this idea different form the work you are already doing?

Check out the making a plan toolkit which might help you answer these questions:

Great work and we look forward to get a clearer understanding of the next steps for implementing this idea.

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