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Walking Together

Walking together is for working women whose work day ends at odd hours. Often women feel unsafe when walking home alone after dark. If people who finish work at a similar time in the same area walk home together, this can help women feel less vulnerable.

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The walk should start and end with at least two people, so for each group we will need to identify pairs who work close to each other and live close to each other. This idea has the added advantage of building a sense of community. When people walk together, they get to know each other. This can help combat the anonymity which can make people feel especially vulnerable. Another advantage is that it is low cost and easy to organize.

Explain your idea in one sentence.

Community walking groups to and from work for women and men who live and work in the same area so that they can feel safe at all hours of the day.

What is the need you are trying to solve?

Women who work in shifts or at odd hours will often find themselves walking alone in the dark. These women can be vulnerable to attacks and need to find a way to feel safe and empowered.

Who will benefit from this idea and how would you monitor its success?

Women and communities as a whole will benefit form this. We can monitor its success by interviewing women in communities who try it about how safe they feel walking at night.

Who would be best equipped to implement this idea in the real world? You? Your organisation? Another organisation or entity?

Neighborhood and community groups or organizations would be best equipped to implement this. It can also be implemented at universities that have libraries and facilities open 24 hours.

Where should this idea be implemented?

This can be implemented anywhere in world where women have to walk alone after dark.

How might you prototype this idea and test some of the assumptions behind it?

We can test this idea at a local university or even in our own neighborhoods by advertising locally or approaching neighborhood groups.


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This is a really great idea and something that I wish I had implemented in the area that I live in since I walk home at late hours of the night alone. Have you considered maybe creating an app to make it easy for woman to find someone to walk home with if they have recently moved to an area where they do not know a lot of people?

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Loving the buddy-system thinking here. guys. We also think your idea could work well in tandem with this idea: We hope you might collaborate to grow each other's concepts. Creativity loves company!