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Guiding women away from dangerous places

This idea is about marking dangerous places on the map and alert women who are approaching those places so that they will stop or take another route. The map consists of static and dynamic markings, which are contributed by the community. The static markings can have a time range, for example certain places are only dangerous during the night. The dynamic markings are contributed by anyone who see potential dangerous people/event at certain places.

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How will it work?
Anyone who knows a dangerous place can mark the spot on the map via their smartphones or websites. The idea is that men who approach a temporarily dangerous situation are not affected by this, but women might be. Therefore, in this case men are responsible in marking all those dynamic / temporary spots.

Why do you think it might succeed?
The alarm does not depend on mobile phones or smartphone apps. It is a wearable device like a necklace, so that the alarm is not easily missed.

What questions do you have for the community?
- How might we create a strong community of map crowdsourcers?
- How might we create an easy app for quick marking?
- How might we create a low cost wearable alarm?

Explain your idea in one sentence.

A map crowdsourcing of dangerous places/situations combined with wearable alarm as a guide for women.

What is the need you are trying to solve?

To make women more aware of dangerous places/situations. To guide them away from those places and stop or find safer places.

Where should this idea be implemented?

This idea complements other submitted ideas very well: (1) Neighborhood Watch Program Enabled by Women Safety App (Renata Bell), (2) Watching you (designed by6), (3) empower them with safety band using low cost technology (g mittal), (4) A wearable device that monitors situation and auto alerts (Alok Jain), (5) Women Safe System (Luiz Othero), (6) SafeRide - an app with automatic ID & alert system for women in trouble while in transit (Rob Han), (7) Alexis Link Bracelet (Prianka Rayamajhi), (8) "Life Alert" bracelets for women's safety (Lindsay Cordero), (9) Smart jewelry - community in a button (Astrid Koch), because those 9 ideas send alerts to nearby safety buddies, safety community members, or police stations. The places where those ideas are intended for are also suitable for this idea.

How might you prototype this idea and test some of the assumptions behind it?

We live in a safe city. It is difficult to test this idea. We welcome anyone, especially the ideas mentioned above, to include our idea and test it.


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Great Idea Indeed.

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Thank you! Please check the 9 complementing ideas!

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