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Green Lighting the Dark

There are many ideas which says that dark is worst enemy a women could face, as it creates fear and inconvenience. The majority of rapes, assaluts, abuses were carried out in dark and silent places. My idea is to provide Eco-friendly LED street lights, that would light up the roads and the streets in the Low income urban areas so that, people will not be terrified with the fact that there is no light around them.

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This idea got triggered when i saw many people trying to build objects that could save people when they are alone and in the dark. I felt that, why do people try to create a thousand objects to protect themselves instead of eliminating one object called "DARKNESS"?. Many low income urban areas are darker without street lights, and in India, where there are a lot of power cut issues in place, the chance of crime is always high. The absence of lights would give a fair chance for any criminal to do a criminal act. My idea aims at cutting down the crime rate by installing eco-friendly LED street lights, that are operated automatically. The LED lights, which are operated by solar panels, have sensors that light up during the night. These lights emit zero carbon emissions, which cuts down the problem of global warming. So, as a government project under the guidance of any NGO or a University, we would like to encourage the government to install the LED streetlights in the most vulnerable areas first, for recording an immediate change in the number of crimes being carried out in a specific locality. We can shortlist the most unsafe areas and push the goverment to start installing these LED lights, so that the crime rate goes down due to the presence of lighting.  These LED lights are charged by sun light, and does not need a person to light them up every night like the conventional ones that exist these days. They consume less power, give more light, although the cost might range from $40 to $300, it is a one time investment. And for providing security, this might be more helpful for passerbys as well.

Explain your idea in one sentence.

Throw some light into the dark life

What is the need you are trying to solve?

When the sun sets down, and the moon comes up, the opportunities for the criminals trying to rob people, rape women, kill people and involve in illegal activities inflate. The fact that many people are scared of dark makes me feel that there is an urge for the authorities to provide lighting facilities to cut down the crime rate.

Who will benefit from this idea and how would you monitor its success?

This idea would benefit all the people who are scared to walk back or ride a bike all the way back home in the dark. When people travel during the day, where there is light, they feel more safer than travelling at night. There are other ideas where people wanted to install CCTVs, the CCTVs can be installed on top of the street lights, so that the chances of crime are further diminished with continuous monitoring. The best way to monitor would be to identify the area with highest crime rate, check the ambience during the night and install these LED street lights and there is every possibility to add security cameras as well. After installing these lights, we will re-check the crime rate and see if the actual cause of installing these street light has been satisfied or not, and also we might ask the people who travel everyday during the nights in that route, whether the installation of these street lights helped them feel safe or not. If there is a positive feedback from the people and there is a consistent decrease in the crime rate, the idea of installing the street lights has been satisfied and this idea can be expanded in other parts of the country.

Who would be best equipped to implement this idea in the real world? You? Your organisation? Another organisation or entity?

This idea can be implemented with the help of government, the local leaders and the companies who manufacture these LED lights. Every organization can contribute some capital for lighting up their own surroundings as well.

Where should this idea be implemented?

This idea should be implemented in areas where the crime rate is high, and the darkness is contributing to some/large extent towards it.

How might you prototype this idea and test some of the assumptions behind it?

This idea might be difficult to prototype, but it is highly possible to implement it. Looking at the fact that it cannot be done by a single person or a team of individuals, the bigger organizations can contribute some money for buying the street lights and install them one by one in the most darkest areas. With the funds that government have, it is a likely possibility that might take place if the government is aimed at the safety of the people. I have mentioned the uses before, but just to sum up, the power consumption would reduce, we use solar energy which is renewable, less effect of pollution, single time investment, no workers needed to turn them on/off, people would feel safe during night, saved energy can be used to provide electricity to the rural areas. I as an individual cannot do it, this requires some investment and i don't know who else might find this article useful for people. But, i will look forward for people to read this post and wish to team up with me and try our best to get a prototype done. This looks workable to a naked eye, but a huge role for the government to play, and this is a long term possibility.


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Hi Rohith, great to see you putting this idea forward. It would be interesting to think about lighting that provides reassurance and visibility without creating light pollution - perhaps directional LED's?

I posted an idea based around creating safe passage with a series of raised platforms that serve a dual function as flood prevention devices in urban areas that are prone to flooding. One team member suggested I consider incorporating the use of light. Perhaps there is a way for us to build off of each other?

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Hi Mila,

I am sorry, i was a bit late to reply on this. I am going through your idea, i will get back to you once i have completely read the idea. But, i am glad that you found my idea useful for you and would be more than happy to help you out with anything you need, and anything i can do.

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Let me know when you are free to discuss about the idea for collaboration. My email is In case you need to contact me, you can email.

Thank you

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