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Waste to Resource: Recycle Match (US)

Matching companies who list commercial volumes of waste material with those that can use them (win-win scenario).

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     So we've got dating sites to match couples and job sites to match employers/employees and Craigslist to match just about everything – so finally there's a site that matches company waste products to those that can use them: Recycle Match And it's a marketplace model so there's a financial incentive to list items besides just off-loading unusable stuff.

     Categories of waste include building materials, concrete, chemicals, electronics, glass, paper, plastics, minerals, wood, textiles, etc. Example Matches:

+ Glass windows from an office re-fit were saved from landfill and matched to a company that produced glass table tops and tiles.

+ A paint-roller manufacturing plant with mixed polyester waste was matched to a company making environmentally friendly materials for the construction industry.

+ A signage company sells used billboard vinyl to a company that makes shopping bags out of recycled materials.

+ An urban farm project put out a call for waste wood to make decking. Several construction contractors identified wood that was about to go to waste.

     The issues addressed here are not just the environment but general production efficiencies. Significantly the platform connects waste-producers and waste-users: Recycle Match believes that truly sustainable solutions are those that offer value to all parties. What other existing innovations do we know about that are doing a good job of addressing waste and the environment?


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There are so many opportunities to use existing resources instead of constantly drilling / mining / growing more and more with a negative, extractive impact on the environment. We're seeing amazing companies large and small that are taking advantage of the huge amount of untapped resources. It's great to see the bottom line aligned with environmental impact. It happens when we take something that is a cost center (waste) and turn it into a revenue generator (resource).

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