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Revolution - or just use what is available right now for renewable energy?

From my perspective one thing is, to start to use what we have available at our site and location and "make our electricity" more where we need it, on site and de-central, use the sun, the wind, geothermic energy, water and so on. Get the nuclear industriy into responsibility, to carry the costs for transport or storage of their wast, to pay a adequate insurance police - than we donĀ“t need a revolution, we will have a lot of money to support renewable energy, to support developing countries. The involvement of companies or government: a question of trust and energy. To we believe the established ones can be the driver for that revolution - or do we need someone/thing to collect the all-around-the-globe-initatives to get them a loud voice? Partizipation on the change from emerging and developed countries hasto come from knowhow transfer to help the developing ones to create their own and adequat 100% renewable energy solution.

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I agree with Jorge to have a global energy plan to manage the change from the old, established energy to a more sustainable energy deliverd. From my perspective one thing is, to start to use what we have available at our site and location and "make our electricity" more where we need it, on site and de-central, use the sun, the wind, geothermic energy, water and so on.
We have solar cells available, we can get warm water with the help of sun, we can heat our houses with geothermic solutions, we can cool them down in summer and we are allready able to build houses or buildings to generate more energy during the year than they need for themself. And, with "making your own electricity" you get really independent from oil and other big players.
The problem with that we face here in Switzerland is the fact, that approx. 60% of our houses are about 30years old - still in good shape to use, but in a total bad shape in case of energy consumption. And if you look for an appartment to rent that fullfills ecological and renewable criterias you really have to look long - there is not enough buildt and available. Ask your makler about that and you look into a curious face...

And than we have the discussion ongoing to build new nuclear plants to secure the electricity flows or to use the existing ones for a longer time periode (e.g. Germany). Invest the money planned fo that plants into renewable solutions (central and de-central), make the nuclear industry responsible for the costs of storage of their waste (see Gorleben last weeks, Germany) and we don´t need a "Revolution", than we have a lot of money available.

At least we can create a momentum of renewable energy with purchasing it when available - but only if you can be sure, it is really coming from a renewable surce, not only labeled as such. Ask your provider, put pressure on them to deliver renewable energy to your home.

To avoid a conflict between aggriculture areas needed for food of for biomass we have to take care which crop we use and prefer the non-food ones on areas not used for food agriculture, like some fast-growing woods. In addition and to take pressure from using new areas for agriculture take focus on securing a healthy soil (probable create and use TerraPreta to improve soil quality). And, TerraPreta can also be made de-central.

Jorge askes for government or companies to become part of the change - I have an other one to that topice: Which company to you trust to make it real happen and be serious about that? Or do the only change because they want to secure their business and money flow (which is not bad in general;-))? Would you support that specific company with your money (doesn´t matter how much)? Have you trust in the member of your government to put all their effort and power into the change? Can the drive for that change and Revolution can come from established companies and governments - or do we need something/someone else? Who can assamble and connect all the good ideas and initatives around the globe to make it one big movement? To give it one loud voice be heard at government...

The partizipation from the developed countries could be the know how and experiences from the last years in combination with the knowledge and energy solutions to help emerging countries to develop their own way and resources for a 100% renewable energy concept without making the same mistakes "we" have done. And to help them to start their development more independent from oil or foreign money or food -so both sides tke profit out of the development.
And developed countries have to respect and to value the existing experiences of knowhow - and when using their old knowledge have to pay them, instead of just "taking" the knowhow, get a patent and make money with it.


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