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National Button Day

We should launch a national button movement where everyone in the United States wears a button at least 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Building on the inspiration where senior citzens wear buttons of themselves as young kids, adults should wear buttons of themselves as teenagers. Teenagers should wear buttons of themselves as seniors. Kids should wear buttons of themselves as adults. Kids can just draw what they aspire to be when they grow up as working adults. Teenagers can just photoshop themselves as happy, healthy, retired seniors. Adults in a midlife crisis can just re-live their teenage years. And senior citizens can instantly feel young again.

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Wearing a button on National Button Day will help people break social barriers, start a conversation, look and feel good, improve their outlook, adopt a fun attitude, and become part of a national movement. It's not only therapeutic, but quite fashionable. It will shake things up in society a bit. It will bridge intergenerational gaps.

Other ideas: Instead of costume parties or other parties where you dress up, have button parties! Photoshop how you want your body or image to look. Wear the button.

Everybody wear your button on National Button Day!

(By the way, if society can invent giving out candy on Halloween --- then why can't we invent National Button Day?)


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