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Matching the Elderly with Young People

The elderly population is growing in developed countries and often they tend to live on their own/alone. On the other hand, there are young people starting out in universities/work that need a place to stay. By having an exchange centre to match a young person with an elderly person, this could work for mutual benefit.

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I watched this on television sometime this year. There is a program that matches young people to the elderly who don't want to live in nursing home but want to continue to live on in their own home. The elderly provide the young person accommodation and in return, the young person helps the elderly with chores, cooking, shopping, etc.

This exchange is of mutual benefit. Young people who are starting out are not financially independent benefit from free accommodation. The elderly benefit from the friendship and help provided by the young persons. You can read more at . There have been news about how elderly people have died in their homes and no one even know the person has passed away - that's really sad. (Images courtesy pixelbase and goggles )


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Justin, the elderly should not be forgotten and pushed aside - they still have must to contribute in terms of what they know. My friend's father of 80 is a very experienced carpenter (not his profession) and he still takes time to teach his grand kids. From what I saw of the program on TV, there are sufficient checks in place to ensure that it can run smoothly.

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