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Let the Elderly wear Photo Buttons of themselves as Kids

Let the Elderly wear Photo Buttons of themselves as Kids

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The "elderly" in many societies are being short-changed even if all their physical needs are being met: they have a lot to share but nobody cares to simply listen to their stories. We need to find ways to break this ice and initiate compassionate conversations in which everyone is the beneficiary.

What if the elderly wore a button photo of themselves as young kids? This might break the ice with everybody and remind the currently young of how they would like to be treated in THEIR old age:)

The simple act of the "elderly" wearing a photo button of themselves as a young child could trigger a smile of understanding and a conversation of mutual benefit. For those who don't have a photo of themselves as young children there could be a software program that regresses their current face back into time. Everybody is equal before this awakening reminder of the circle of time.

And if this is done as part of a concerted campaign, there is a way for the "young" to participate. They could wear a photo button of their face projected into the future as an elder! This would be a way to identify with the elderly and spark interesting conversations and awareness. Maybe Kodak or Sony could sponsor this? All the tech stuff to help the elderly is fine but sometimes all they need is a smile of understanding. 

Here's a free tool that enables anyone to age their face:


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Photo of Avi Solomon

My friend Ardyn Halter suggests: "I really like the idea Avi and think that you could initiate it by working with a municipality - perhaps one on each of the five continents on the same day. Call it "Generations Day" - which should take place once a year (but could continue on other days too). It should be launched by engaging with the social welfare department of municipalities on five continents.

And on that day as many people as possible would commute to work, the very young wearing the badge of one of their grandparents' image on it, the elderly with photos of themselves when they were young."

Maybe companies like Kodak or Sony could sponsor the actual photo buttons and publicize the "Generations Day"?

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