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Improve Basic Health Care Services

Improve health care through tackling issues using sustainable model of delivery and services.

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How many lives can be saved through vaccination programs in the developing countries? How many children and adults' eyesight can be restored? What about looking for means to combat malaria, dengue fever, etc and/or eradicate the spread of mosquitoe-borne diseases? What about bringing HIV drugs to communities who can't afford such expensive drugs? (Image used courtesy Wia-Tirol )

There are inspirational examples for example in restoring eyesight, the work of Fred Hollows: $25 can restore someone's sight!; the use of Oral Rehydration Therapy, targetted vaccination programs in developing countries, etc.

Basic health care in developing countries can be improved. However, the countries' budgets and priorities towards health care, even basic services, remain very underfunded. What role can the developed countries play? How can corporations get involved? Can some innovative thinking be applied to solving this?


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Thanks Eric and Meena for comments re "Dependent Age"; and sharing the link to Vision Spring. It's wonderful to see that there are such workable models out there. Certainly more can be achieved through collaboration across various sectors.

Jorge: thanks for comment; agreed that more than ever there are resources and solutions - and do hope they get located where needed most.

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Vision Spring works on an economically sustainable model which empowers local entrepreneurs to provide eyeglasses to low-income communities around the world: They are a great example of moving beyond the Dependent Age which Eric mentions below. (They've even done some great collaborating with IDEO:!)

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Bill Clinton just spoke here in Manila and mentioned we are in the "Dependent Age", where nations are now surviving/operating mostly because of the support they receive from one another. If this is the case, I believe the business sector, government and the NGO's, who already have like-minded goals and possibly the manpower, should collaborate and see how they can work together. Great post!

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This is one of the greatest challenges faced by the man in its history. Today more than ever there are resources and technology for solutions.