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Energy + Empowerment: SELCO (India)

A model for bringing energy services to low-income Indian families has shown that empowering rural customers can be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

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SELCO addresses the need for reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy solutions. They are an innovative social enterprise in India which seeks to enhance the quality of life and livelihoods of low-income households through sustainable energy solutions and services. They supply solar lighting, solar thermal water heaters, cookstoves and more. But their innovative approach extends well beyond their products. SELCO considered the comprehensive ecosystem within which their products sit. This includes awareness building, affordability, micro-finance plans, distribution and maintenance. Read more:

What other innovative solutions exist to support wider access to basic resources?


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I hear you, Nicole. I'd also like to see more collaboration *between* social enterprises. I guess Ashoka has this on their agenda. Next Billion also aggregates examples but I agree that a functional and comprehensive platform for comparison of models, contexts, successes would be great. Anyone else know of anything happening in this space?

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