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Should innovation follow a framework where the human welfare predominantly drives the process ?

While innovating, what is the human dimension of its impact to the environment ? We know that innovation alters our behavior in many different ways. The innovation in fertilizers result in more food, innovation in technology provides comfort in life, and so on. Are we really getting all the answers to our problems by just plain innovation ?

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Innovation is altering human behavior in many ways, and pushing us in a comfort zone where critical thinking is either programmed or just confined to a certain degree. Will this result in knowledge and innovation confined to a few minds in future and make the rest, effectively unproductive ? How can communities handle this challenge ?

Should innovation follow a framework where the human welfare predominantly drives the process, and ethics is embedded by default ?

Innovation reaches the hands of the rich first. Once commodotized, it is within the reach of middle class and, possibly the poor. By defining a human welfare framework as basis of any global innovation, can we bridge, or shorten the gap between the discovery and adoption of innovation between the rich, and the poor ?

At the end, humanity is empowered and human welfare promoted.

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The point made is that innovation reaches the hands of the rich first. I believe we need to start fostering a sense of social understanding in our design programs to focus this amazing brain power on social issues. If the minds that went into to creating products like the Kindle and Blue Tooth and all these iPhone Apps were able to focus on water treatment systems, access to education, and zero-waste business practices imagine what shape our world would be in!