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Millennium Development Goals: Collaborating for Change

The Millennium Development Goals ( were agreed to by all members of the United Nations, as well as >20 other international organizations. As about 2/3 of the time has passed from the launch of the Millennium Development Goals in 2000 to the target achievement date of 2015, the UN recently held a summit ( to assess progress and commit to an agenda. This topic will focus on sharing success stories, and collaborating on concrete ways to inspire more development & accelerate change. Below are the goals (and some great example inspirations from the OpenIdeo community):

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1) End Poverty and Hunger: poverty reduction and agricultural management education for front-line, community government (; appropriate technology for increasing local enterprise efficiency (,, cross-pollinating grassroots innovation (, microfinance (, reducing waste (
2) Universal Education: equipping poor to educate their community (
3) Gender Equality: affordable sanitary pads (
4) Child Health: mid-day school meal (
5) Maternal Health
6) Combat HIV/AIDS
7) Environmental Sustainability: recycle matching (, affordable sustainable energy (, bicycle renting (, cradle to cradle (,, reducing plastic bag use (, clothes swapping (,
8) Global Partnership.
Other inspirations that span MDGs: involving universities ( and designers ( in problem solving, fab-labs (, Community Co-design (


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I evaluated your concept and I was really happy to read it. Mass collaboration really is the key to solving the biggest problems our world faces. I think there are human problems, not Greek or American or Korean problems.. it's time the world came together as one.

I think you would really enjoy my concept, tell me what you think.

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