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How to provide equal opportunities by changing the way that companies do outsourcing?

In the last years companies started to outsource manufacturing to poorer countries in order to reduce costs. And a lot of people in those poorer countries tried the opposite: they migrate to richer countries looking for better opportunities. But the rules are the opposite for them: richer countries closes the frontiers to foreign people, while poor countries opens them to companies –sometimes by relaxing taxes or laws to favor the installations of new factories. Governments have to think in the promotion of a better approach to globalization. Not to reduce production costs, but to share knowledge and allow underdeveloped countries to grow.

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Usually the outsourcing is done just for the manufacturing, but all the knowledge workers remains at the headquarters. (ie. the back of the iPod says it all “Designed in California, Manufactured in China”)

There is a great opportunity to turn the migration problem up-side down: instead from people in poor countries going to rich countries, from people in rich countries going to poor countries.

I envision this: if a company moves his research group to a poorer country, those high knowledge people living there (even temporarily) could help improve that country society.

History teaches that this is possible: United States has grown thanks to the inmigration.

And it's also a win-win situation for companies-countries: people with knowledge of design, engineering and science can apply their knowledge not only to solve problems that arise even from the most basic needs, but also to create new innovations that can be commercialized in more richer countries.

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Well outsourcing open or provides job opportunities for people. Well that is why the cost of labour is reduced because businesses outsource to countries that has lower labour costs. We can't blame them because that's the way it is. But still outsourcing helps a lot for some businesses and we cant deny that. But it opens great job opportunities for people and it helps them because they can provide if they have a job.

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