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How to Eliminate the 1 Billion Global Housing Backlog before 2040? (thru Replicable Utopian Green Sustainable Communities)

HOMELESSNESS The number of people living out their days in the squalid areas is now a billion. The backlog in housing in our country is almost 5 million. It is quite clear that despite good efforts, authorities will still have a hard time to keep up with the demand especially if they will not consider alternative innovative and sustainable solutions for the global problem. We are determined to accomplish this mission. But it can be done even much faster if it will be reinforced by other global leaders. Let us put it at the top of our agenda. "I can do what you cannot do, you can do what I cannot do. Together, we can make a (huge) difference." -Mother Theresa

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Grand vision like attempting to eliminate the Global Housing Backlog will really sound impossible a decade ago… Not until the world became flat. (Globalization 3.0)

It is the creation of these new platforms, with its unique attributes, that is truly important sustainable breakthrough that will make the ambitious vision possible. What we are proposing is a platform for collaboration that all kinds of people from around the globe could now plug and play, cooperate and connect on – in order to share work, exchange knowledge and sustain initiatives. We are not just expressing hopes and dreams with each other more than ever; we are now able to collaborate – to build coalitions, products and projects together – more than ever. ---The World is Flat

Walk the Talk. Let it be our Mission-in-Action.

Mission: "Eradicate Homelessness!"

Vision: "Homeless No More!" (before 2040)

"The smallest good deed is greater than the grandest intention."

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BLOC City : Replicable Divine Dream Dwelling Communities


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