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How Do We Quickly Transform Our Thinking To Transform Our Results?

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." Albert Einstein The end of poverty, global warming and conflicts cannot come soon enough for the thousands who suffer daily from these events. We don’t need to wait for a global crisis to get so bad that we are forced into finding solutions. We can address the source issue now. I assert the source issue is the individual mindsets held by a large number of people, often innocently unaware (I was one). People’s mindsets form a collective perspective that keep alive man-made issues that cause suffering, take lives, and threaten the planet.

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Our mindsets usually involve a degree of self-righteousness, cynicism, resignation, a sense of separation and attachment to stories from the past.
A shift in mindset will take us to the required “level of thinking” Einstein spoke about.
To a ‘beginner’s mind’ where anything is possible, past stories can be re-written and an awareness of interconnectedness pervades. With this powerful new mindset, avenues for action open up, and breakthroughs will happen in the serious issues facing humanity and the earth.

We don’t need to sit on a mountain top for twenty years, or have a near death experience, to have a shift in mindset. We have the ability to transform our thinking now, and ultimately result in a world that works for everyone. A world that is socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling for everyone. No one gains advantage at the expense of another or the planet.

So, how do we have large numbers of people quickly transform their thinking?

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I agree we need to focus on the source issue. Without addressing this, the issues will persist! Transformational learning (as distinct from informative learning which we're generally used to) is the fastest way to personally transform. By transforming who we're 'being', it alters what we 'do', and then what we 'have'. I.e. the results.
Various training companies offer seminars, but the most popular seems to be the 3 day Landmark Forum by Landmark Education.