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How do we broaden our focus from GDP to WELLBEING?

Studies show that GDP growth, after passing the point where basic needs are met, produces diminishing returns for our actual life satisfaction and happiness. Other factors, like social relations, health, meaningful work, freedom, caring for others, etc. become far more important for our overall wellbeing. However, we often continue to chase the treadmill of economic growth, at the expense of these other critical things. How do we shift from a narrow focus on economic growth (Gross Domestic Product) to a holistic pursuit of genuine wellbeing (Gross National Happiness)?

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How do we shift our focus...



In Government?

In Business?

If each of us moves in this direction, we improve our individual wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us. In other words, we change the world!

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Thought you all might be interested that Somerville in the United States, recently added wellbeing/happiness measurement to its census survey:

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