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Using micro-LEAKS to end CORRUPTION in developing countries.

Corruption and mismanagement are cripling phenomena that tie thirld world countries to the ground. We need to put an end to it or limit it a great deal so that the people can collect benefits of economic potentials. I believe that no training, amount of money or military power can limit or erradicate corruption UNLESS innovative solutions and processes dedicated to fight corruption and based on new technology are put in place.

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For far too long, the West has invested large amounts of money and time trying to help the less fortunate countries in the world. Examples are many. Haiti, countries in Africa and Asia where billions have been spent only to end up in the Swiss bank accounts and the people with next to nothing. Some countries in the West might be "keen" to help but lets us acknowledge this, they are faced with many limiting political, social and criminal realities.

Poverty and underdevelopment is not just the problem of the South anymore and corruption is at its core. I believe no viable solution to help those in need can be implemented without seriously facing corruption and its causes.

I think our best-friend, technology, is more effective than trying to re-educate our egos and consciousness or even helping the local governments build further capacities. I have seen all three fail in in Western Africa for example -- we need to understand that corruption is even available in western countries and so even if the local governments have the capacity, still corruption is a natural destruction force to even that capacity.

Ok, so here is a solution:

WHAT IF, we can use a concept of what I`d like to call anonymous micro-leaks. This concept will allow the people to text or communicate everything they see and hear about in their daily lives but ALSO suspensions, roomers, pay offs and the likes. These leaks or micro-whistle blows will be treated in a centralized universal database that can dispatch the same messages in the community and around the world given certain automated or semi-automated criteria. That hopefully can deter some from sabotaging a project for the poor for their own benefit, steal money or use any other forms of corruption mismanagement or bezzlement.

Thus I believe a governments loosing the capacity to control the telecommunications in this age is an advantage to the people. Better yet, this project does not have to be approved by any government to take effect. Everyone now has a cell phone and that give them tremendous individual and collective powers.

What says you?


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I am one who think that if money doesn't exist, our psychological make up will generate a worst tool to manipulate, control and even cause us do worst as humans. I honestly think certain things such as money are as important to our ballance of life as oxygene is to certain forms of lives. Greed comes from the ego disatisfaction of our state of being actually and doesn`t have anything to do with money. If money didn`t exist we will find something to replace it in order to continue to do the same evil things we are used doing.

I need to take a look at your project closely to have more to say but I aplaude your courage and imagination.

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