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How can we inspire kids to get excited about and feel invested in their education?

I've seen many ideas about education come up on this challenge, and a common theme is using design and other creative approaches to education as a way to inspire kids to be innovative and entrepreneurial. Whether building on ideas like the ones I've cited below, or looking at models championed by organizations like Citizen Schools (see the video), I have found examples of classroom education that's relevant, engaging, and gives kids a "big picture view" of where their education can take them. Another common theme is bringing professionals into the classroom to show kids what life looks like as an architect, a doctor, a carpenter, or a business person. I really think the key is helping connect the dots between what kids are learning in school now and where these learnings will take them in their careers.

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Without question, educating kids worldwide not only holds the key to our future global success, but also represents one of the greatest moral imperatives of our time. What can we do now to ensure that the world is safe, prosperous, and sustainable for future generations? I believe the answer is developing educational systems and programs that encourage creative thinking and problem-solving while also showcasing the relevance and applicability of classroom learning to real life. Is there a way to take a program like Studio H or Citizen Schools to scale? To tweak these programs so that they can be applied to communities not only throughout the US but also globally? How can technology (like the hole-in-the-wall kiosks) help kids see even greater possibilities for their futures and their careers?


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