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How can we encourage innovation/design in education?

There is a severe lack of design and innovation education throughout many schooling systems throughout the world. How can we encourage education systems to provide more opportunities for students to learn about the power of innovation and design?

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There are millions of people who live their day to day lives without realizing the importance and power of design and innovation. Much like OpenIDEO is trying to do with encouraging open innovation we need provide people with more opportunities to innovate. The best way to do this is to start with the students.

Students in the Canadian School systems go through learning a lot about math, science, english and even the arts. However there are very little opportunities for them to learn about design. To experience innovation. The extent of it is generally one or two group projects, oftentimes like the one found in the image. The teacher says design a bridge with this material, go. This is not enough.

First of all students need more opportunities to experience design and innovation. More projects challenges for them to work on. This will not only teach them about design and innovation, but also the invaluable skills of teamwork and communication. I can't think of a more trying task than choosing an idea with a team. It reveals a lot about people and how they work together. And in the end seeing their projects work will hopefully inspire students to continue with design and innovation and understand its power.

The students also need more guidance and teaching about the design process, to go hand in hand with the opportunities. They need to learn how to communicate their ideas, brainstorm effectively, etc.

How can we encourage this within the various education systems around the globe?


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Education needs a lot of work, and this is a great idea. What I love about design thinking is that it enables constructive dialogue around what is and what we can improve. If only people everywhere were exposed to this kind of thinking early on in life.

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