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How can we combine what's best of all the generations to let the societies be more efficient?

All the problems are being solved by trained people at working age. Let's say they have a great knowledge about what they are doing at their place in their time, and less and less energy. Kids have lots of energy and fresh ideas and grandparents have great knowledge from different perspective, different times etc. It would be great to combine them.

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If we thought of how the energy of the minds of kids could be used and how to involve more elderly people in solving different tasks, we could get better results. The western societies are ageing, in 2050, 33% of all Europeans will be over 65 years old so some patterns of collaboration will be created, sooner or later. They are actually being created right now, some companies hire elderly. The question is if we can let the elderly stay in peace and have a break after long years of working while collaborating with them in other useful ways, and if we can somehow involve children - with their enthusiasm, open minds, out-of-the-box thinking, unlimited imagination, to help us at some stages of the processes. Not forcing them to work, but as part of the classes, of discussions, for example, by creating some think-tanks, some knowledge-inspiration libraries, maybe/. More generally - are we able to build tools, to change the structure of social relations, of everyday tasks, involving thoughts and inspirations of the children and the elderly, to create ideas and solutions that will be better for everybody, also solutions to let the elderly and the children live better.


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