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Could Every Child on Earth Be Cared For?

There are several charity organizations that offer child sponsorship programs allowing people to contribute monthly to provide the chosen children in poor communities with various necessities such as food, clean water, medication and educational supplies. Could it be possible for every child on Earth to be provided with a basic level of care, nutrition and education for the first, and most important, years of their life?

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It seems that all industrialized countries are tending toward a system of some type of universal health care. The argument is made that, if all human life is precious, it should be a basic human right to have access to adequate health care and shelter. It is our responsibility, then,to provide our citizens with an equal amount of care for all.

As good as this is, however, the line of reasoning can be carried further. If all human life is precious, and all humans equally deserve the right of care, provision and education, why then do we make care distinctions based on political borders? If our common humanity transcends border and ethnic group and race should we then not care about all human life equally? Regardless of people group, political group, nationality and race?
What if each and every child born into this Earth were given an adequate level of healthcare, nutrition and education for the first few years of their life? Would a good start to life produce positive dividends of development in future years? Couldn't it be argued that the up-front investment in the child's life would possibly save from more costly medical and educational interventions in the future?

Could there possibly be a way for every child to be provided for and cared for and educated for at least the first few years of their developmental life? The hope of it's profound impact on the future development of all of these children I think is worth the initial investment. Might there be a way for this idea to become a reality?

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Yes it's possible, Many charities around the globe are working on it, After all giving charity is always good because not only the needy people get our help but we also feel good and get benefits in tax deduction.